If people feel the tension of higher costs of living, taxes and other hidden expenses, then it will be a time for people to move to other areas, and out of Tustin. Already, with people experiencing high cost of living, issuing citations on top for minor issues when a warning would be more appropriate, is just going to create more issues with cost of living and questioning, what do the taxes cover when you’re trying to work like a citizen to make a living?

Many cars driving on Edinger, when driving at 55-65mph range is normal, why does Tustin Police have to conveniently park their motor bike at the LIP of the road and then look for speeders – Does this create a SAFETY VIOLATION and DISTURBANCE of DRIVERS who are trying to get to their destination? YES, it does indeed and this doesn’t seem to be sitting well with the DRIVERS who are DRIVING to and from Tustin/Irvine/SantaAna/55FWY areas.